About Us

Accord is your partner for end-to-end solutions

Initiated more than a decade ago, Accord embarked on a company-wide transformation journey to become New Zealand’s largest precision manufacturer and total solutions provider. It’s safe to say we’ve well exceeded our goal.

Our Story

Accord is New Zealand’s largest precision manufacturer and trusted producer high-value, quality critical products across a variety of industries. This reputation has been hard earned and is the culmination of a 20+ year journey to fundamentally transform Accord’s vision, capabilities, and value proposition.


Historically Accord functioned as a contract producer of large volume components with a handful of Tier 1 OEM customers. While Accord performed well in this space, the pivotal decision was made to transform the way the business operated and to become a true total solutions provider across the entire manufacturing value chain.


Fast forward to the present and Accord designs, manufactures and assembles millions of high-value products for a global base to stringent ISO, FDA and quality-specific standards. This includes complex medical devices, marine and deep-sea diving equipment, industrial and agricultural parts and various speciality products. 

Transformation Journey

Accord set out on a decade-long journey involving a series of phased transformational initiatives. The entire undertaking was Significant investments were made across the company. Staff were put through rigorous training programs, computer design technology and programming software were integrated into the production line, existing machinery was expertly customised to improve efficiency and additional state-of-the-art production machines were deployed to the factory floor.


During this period, Accord gradually transitions from the use of automatic screw machines to 4-axis and 5-axis CNC lathes that can be used to better machine precision components and parts.

Most notably, Accord also committed to the attainment of several industry-critical certifications deemed vital for the production of complex, high-value products for a range of industries, including the global healthcare & medical devices sector.


A purpose built “Controlled Work Environment” (CWE) is scheduled for construction. This will function as an end-to-end assembly line and specialised work environment for the assembly of precision medical devices and other complex products requiring batch control, traceability and unique standard operating procedures. It will also help to meet customer or industry-specific certification or regulatory requirements.

Accord moved from producing high volumes of basic components to incorporating in-design and consultation phases of work to all new customer contracts and relationships.

This solidified several customer relationships and introduced more strategic work that could provide for additional, high-margin revenue streams. Accord also attained several industry-critical qualifications (ISO & FDA) that contributed significantly to furthering the firm’s relationship with high-growth OEM customers such as Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (FPH).


Accord is now at a critical point in its evolution and has expanded rapidly, moving from a highly-regarded local company to an international manufacturing powerhouse, supported by multiple global tier 1 OEM customers.


At Accord, the quality of our products are our greatest priority.