Accord maintains a world class design office and prototyping division, operated by skilled engineers, CNC machinists, and quality managers.


In addition, our design office is an integral part of our manufacturing facility, ensuring a number of synergistic benefits and the unique ability to produce any Accord designed products at scale following any design engagement.

Accord maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities incorporating the latest CNC machinery, high-speed milling machines, quality and production management systems and software. It is here that we manufacture millions of complex, high-value products every year to strict regulatory, quality and customer-specific requirements.

Accord maintains a specialised, end-to-end assembly & special operations facility with several industry-specific, purpose-built work areas. This includes a dedicated ISO:15001 compliant Controlled Working Environment (CWE) for the assembly and quality management of various healthcare & medical devices. The facility is also ISO accredited with FDA approval across a variety of produced parts and products.


At Accord, the quality of our products are our greatest priority.