End-to-end Assembly & Specialised Operations

End-to-End Assembly & Specialised Operations

Accord maintains a specialised, end-to-end assembly & special operations facility with several industry-specific, purpose-built work areas. This includes a dedicated ISO:15001 compliant Controlled Working Environment (CWE) for the assembly and quality management of various healthcare & medical devices. The facility is also ISO accredited with FDA approval across a variety of produced parts and products.


We provide accredited (ISO & FDA), end-to-end assembly services from initial part assembly and inspection to complex packaging, comprehensive quality checking, distribution and delivery straight to the door of our customers.

Efficient & Finely-tuned

Our finely-tuned, highly efficient processes deliver products of exceptional quality. We have assembled millions of products at our assembly facility to date, and offer a comprehensive suite of services that include:


  • Designated controlled work areas by customer and product, including associated racking and storage facilities. 
  • Pre-production validation runs, including first article inspections (FAIs) for any new customer products and parts. 
  • Detailed device history records (DHRs) used to correlate all critical quality checks by product before distribution to the customer. 
  • Creation and distribution of comprehensive corrective action reports (CAPA) should any issues be identified.
  • Complete coordination of logistics and shipments for all overseas customers.

Transparent & Traceable

Complete traceability reports across all components used in sold products, including a comprehensive finished goods build against all customer forecasts. We also provide a plethora of value-add services tailored to customer-specific requirements. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Oxygen cleaning and complex medical device assembly.
  • Total end-to-end coordination and purchasing of all raw materials and goods required from suppliers. 
  • Procurement assistance and management across the identification of new suppliers. 
  • Complete quality audit of suppliers & certification assistance across ISO & FDA. 
  • R&D investments for product improvements (packing, transportation, logistics etc.). 


At Accord, the quality of our products are our greatest priority.