Design & Prototyping

Design & Prototyping

Accord maintains a world class design office and prototyping division, operated by skilled engineers, CNC machinists, ex-industry professionals and quality managers. 


In addition, our design office is an integral part of our manufacturing facility, ensuring a number of synergistic benefits and the unique ability to produce any Accord designed products at scale following any design engagement.

Our Process

We operate on a project-by-project basis, and work collaboratively with our clients on all design engagements. All project files, scope documents and design details are available online, providing customers with a ‘live’ feed to monitor project progress and comment freely. 


We take preliminary concepts from 2D drawings or 3D models through an iterative design process, selecting the appropriate design software and project management methodology to drive the engagement. 


All products must then go through a rigorous testing cycle before the final prototyping and validation phase. Only when the finished product is perfect, all items agreed in our initial scope assessment are complete and all parties are happy can final designs be signed off.


We embrace a unique ‘design-to-manufacture’ mindset which is supported by Accord’s manufacturing and production capabilities – this allows us to design products that are not just technically perfect, but can be manufactured at cost, to scale and to almost any quality requirement. 


Most importantly, these products can be mass manufactured almost immediately at our facilities upon design phase completion. This synergistic capability is a true game changer for customers looking to initiate full-scale production following a design engagement.

Value-add Services

Accord also offers a number of value-add services depending on the needs of our customers. These services extend to activities such as procurement and bill-of-materials (BOM) planning assistance, and quality and product validation support (ISO, FDA, RoHS, REACH, CE), depending on target export markets, industry and quality requirements.