Accord maintains a flagship focus on serving the global healthcare & medical devices industry across the turnkey design, manufacturing and assembly of complex, quality-centric parts and products. This is supported by decades of experience and multiple tier 1 OEM healthcare customers, many having been with Accord for more than a decade.

Over its 50+ years serving the industry, Accord has developed a number of innovative, in-house production techniques and capabilities extending across standard operating procedures, temperature controls, investment castings, ceramics and wax moulding to more than meet this challenge. This is supported by the fact that Accord was one of the first manufacturers in the world to produce a stainless-steel diving helmet containing multiple high-precision components and hundreds of input materials for a global OEM.

As one of New Zealand’s most experienced precision manufacturing shops, we are able to work with our customers from the industrial and agricultural sectors to provide an end-to-end service from design to finished product followed by distribution. This is underpinned by Accord’s ability to locally source complex, ISO certified metal alloys that require precise CNC machining and quality testing to meet tight tolerances. 

Speciality Products usually require hard to manufacture metals such as speciality aluminium, bronze, titanium and more. With our accumulated experience with such materials, we are able to give customers the best results when it comes to production with speciality metals.

We are able to meet larger volume requirements via the use of high output machines and process controls while being able to adhere to the high level of quality needed when making bespoke products and components.


At Accord, the quality of our products are our greatest priority.